Mac Carty is reluctant to supply his personal details as he keeps forgetting them and has temporarily mislaid his Bus Pass. He does live in Tunbridge Wells and has spent the last eleven years as a volunteer for a couple of charities. They do not appear to be the type of charities that continually ask you to donate old clothes, as otherwise his personal dress sense might have improved by now. He believes he has two children.

He has remembered that he was born in Margate, opposite the Margate Football Club. His appearances on the actual pitch though were confined to winning the Watson Trophy with Garlinge Primary, although he did used to stand behind the goals when Margate had a strong West Ham connection. He thinks his friend Brian still has a complete set of Margate football programmes up in the loft covering probably hundreds of years, if there are any avid programme collectors out there. Both sets of his grandparents had settled in Thanet just before the first World War, one living very close to Dane Park. He and his sporting elder brother went to Chatham House and they both played cricket for Margate at weekends in the park. On his frequent returns to Thanet for research purposes, Mac can be found either in the Albion in Broadstairs or occasionally in the Fayreness at Kingsgate.

He also self-published this year a book about growing up in Margate during the 1960s called The Vagaries of Swing – footprints on the Margate Sands of Time. It roughly covers the antics of Margate Cricket Club, but also details the murder of a young girl in Dane Park. It does sweep across much of the history of Margate, but perhaps in a non-standard format. One reviewer thought it to be hilarious.

Sadly the state of the book retailing market means that you are best searching for it on the Amazon or Lulu self publishing websites.

– The Editorial team


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